VOEGS – Austrian Deaf Student Association
Verein oesterreichischer gehoerloser Studenten

Persons with limited hearing and deaf persons still have to break barriers to continue their education and to study successfully at university. The Austrian Deaf Student Association (VOEGS) aims to provide equal opportunities for deaf students.

Who are we?

At the moment 8 deaf/hard-of-hearing students who know sign language are working for VOEGS. We aim at improving study conditions of deaf and hard-of-hearing university students and representing their interests in public. Our official language is Austrian sign language.

Our target groups are:

  • Deaf and hard-of hearing-persons with congenital and acquired hearing disorders and persons with cochlear implants.
  • Students who have graduated from secondary school, university students and students admitted to tertiary education.

Other target groups are:

  • Secondary school students in their last year of study
  • Hearing students who know sign language
  • University students who dropped out of school
  • Deaf persons who want to continue their education

Actions and Organizations:

  • Monthly student meetings
  • Co-operation with an educational counseling service at the Viennese adult education center Polycollege
  • Homepage , brochures, information sheets and other materials to inform the public
  • Organizing events, tutorials, workshops and presentations held in Austrian sign language focused on various issues related to employment and secondary as well as tertiary education
  • Co-operation and networking with other associations, organizations and institutions
  • International student exchange
  • Recreational activities, sharing ideas and experiences in order to grow closer together
  • Answering questions of university students, students who are graduating from secondary school and other people interested in our work


Web site: http://www.voegs.at
E-mail: info(at)voegs.at